Automate your Twitter growth

Generate real followers and high quality traffic from Twitter with our fire-and-forget tool.

Here's how it works

You input keywords and phrases relevant to your niche, product, service, or website

For example, if your product is weight-loss related, you might choose "lose weight" or "beach body"

Search terms example

Throughout the day we search Twitter for users tweeting about these things

This is done automatically behind the scenes, no further input from you is required.


The tweets we find are liked or retweeted, or the author is followed using your account

Users are notified by Twitter about this, and an introduction is made.


Each user we connect you to is interested in your product, service, or niche RIGHT NOW - enough to be vocal on Twitter about it. If you can solve their problem there is a huge chance they'll click through to your website or follow your account.

No download required

No need to download anything, your account is controlled in the cloud via our online control panel.

Cheap AND effective

There's a chance considerably greater than traditional online advertising that the user will investigate you further.

Advanced controls

Restrict your actions by timeframe, by account, blacklist words, prevent spamming, and more...

Mobile friendly

Our tool is mobile optimized and can be accessed from any mobile device whenever you want.

  • Mini

  • $ 30 per month

  • 100 likes/retweets/follows every day
  • Unlimited search terms
  • Cancel any time
  • Gain between 60-185 real followers each month*
  • Maxi

  • $ 40 per month

  • 300 likes/retweets/follows every day
  • Unlimited search terms
  • Cancel any time
  • Gain between 250-740 real followers each month*
  • Super

  • $ 50 per month

  • 600 likes/retweets/follows every day
  • Unlimited search terms
  • Cancel any time
  • Gain between 500-1480 real followers each month*
*Based on average user performance, no guarantee


Who is Twitfox designed for and why would I use it?

Twitfox is aimed at individuals and companies that want to supercharge their Twitter follower growth rate and website referrals. We are especially favored by startups, Twitter-based parody/fan accounts, app and software developers, Youtube and Twitch streamers, DJs and other content producers, Etsy stores, and bloggers. If your business has a strong online element then Twitfox is for you.

Are the followers generated with this tool actually real people or are they fake/bots?

The followers we generate ARE 100% real people with an interest in your niche or vertical. What we do is quite a simple premise, there's no tricks to the method. Our tool actually works, we don't need to be sneaky to hit the targets we've listed.

How well will Twitfox work for me?

The majority of the time this tool will get you good results. However the effectiveness is completely down to what it is you're promoting with the tool, and how engaging your Twitter account already is. Having an interesting and active Twitter account with regular updates will synergize with Twitfox far more effectively than a stale account promoting something boring.

The best thing to do is to give it a try and find out - we give you a full 7-day free trial of one of our paid plans when you get started (and no credit card is required!).